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Bai Rang - Mui Ne: Coral, beach and splendid gold beveled: A place to hold your footsteps

08/08/2020 1750 view
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Bai Rang - Mui Ne: position and origin of the name.
Phan Thiet has long been famous for its beautiful beaches that captivate tourists such as Doi Duong beach, Hon Rom beach ... however, there is still another beautiful beach that has not been known by many people yet, that is Rang beach or another name is Mui Ne, which has the most beautiful and cleanest beach in Phan Thiet.
The people here used to be called Bai Rang or Rang - the rustic way of calling it is different from what tourists call Rang beach. Bai Rang, located about 15km northeast of Phan Thiet city, is the intersection between the modern and luxury of luxury resorts with natural beauty inherent in the rustic fishing villages of fishermen.
The irresistible beauty of Rang.
Unlike many other places, when called Rang, it means a place where there are many dead corals, petrified rocks or reefs submerged in the water. Rang Beach in Binh Thuan is mixed with coral reefs, rocky beaches and gorgeous golden sandy beaches. Especially the water in Rang beach is very clear, green and clean.
Just swimming a little further, you can admire the small colorful fish swarming underwater, or sometimes accidentally encounter colorful coral branches. Not only that, Rang is also famous for the straight rows of coconut along the coast, everyone who comes and is overwhelmed by thinking he has lost in the land of some South American waters.
Today, Bai Rang does not have many fishermen living because of having to make room for resorts or tourist services. However, among these modern amenities, Rang is still a typical cultural highlight that many visitors cannot take their eyes off of, they still like to walk to the beach, leave the resorts to watch the sunrise from the early morning. and admire the daily life of fishermen in the fishing village.
In the early morning, you will see the convoy of basket boats paddling to the shore busily, even though they are busy when quickly removing fish from the nets of Rang beach people, they still retain their sincere hospitality, they are still fresh. laughs willing to chat with visitors. Only after about 2 hours of bustling at sea, the fishing village will become quiet again, the children go out to play on the sea.
Bai Rang peaceful place for soul relaxation.
After sunrise, you can move about 30 minutes from Rang beach to reach the mobile sand dunes, which is a beautiful scenic spot of the coastal city of Phan Thiet and explore the diverse culture of the people of the region. the sea with ancient vestiges for you to learn for your curiosity.
Otherwise, experience the morning bathing in the middle of a relaxing, noisy, bustling natural space. Bai Rang can be said to be shallow and the sandy stretches gently, immersed in the very warm early morning sea water, dispelling all the fatigue in the body. Lying on the bank, you can hear the sound of the waves very smooth, not too loud, not too crowded, just as gentle as a gentle love song.
You can go to Rang beach in particular and other beaches in Binh Thuan in general at any time of the year. However, it is also advisable to pay close attention due to climatic and environmental factors, usually in July and August every year, the sea area of ​​Binh Thuan often has floating algae, so the water is not clear, so just avoid two months This is fine.
Besides, there are other famous places on the way to Bai Rang is Da Ong Dia with a large rock lying close to the beach, day by day, the waves patting on the rock, creating a shape that the local people call. Ong Dia stone, every day many tourists come here to visit and worship. In addition, you can explore more about the cultural beauty of Cham Pa, do not forget to visit the Poshanu tower cluster on the Phu Hai hill.
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